50 Year Celebration - see how we celebrated 

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In 1934 there was a migration of Scotts to Corby looking to come to work at the Stewart and Lloyds steel mills. This resulted in the first Church of Scotland plant in 1938, St Andrews. Twenty six years later a sister church was planted in the Beanfield area “St Ninian’s”, and in 2017 we “celebrated “ this event.

 St Ninian’s did not have a church of their own at that time, and St Peter & St Andrew’s allowed St Ninian’s to use their premises for worship.  In 1965 St Peter and St Andrew’s church was gutted by a fire.

So why are we celebrating this year together?

Well in 1967, a new church had been re-built on the site of the old St Peter and St Andrew. This was opened in April and St Ninian’s own Church was opened in September of the same year

Almost 50 years later on the 16th November 2016 at Crown Court London, the Columba Declaration was signed by the then Moderator of the Church of Scotland, Russell Barr and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

The Declaration marks the Church of England and the Church of Scotland’s mutual acknowledgment of each other as ‘belonging to the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ and truly participating in the apostolic ministry and mission of the whole people of God.’

Among the mutual commitments the Churches make in the Declaration, all building on the foundational one: ‘We commit ourselves to grow together in communion and to strengthen our partnership in mission.’

Our friendship with each other started over fifty years ago, and can you think of a better “foundation” for celebrating together?