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St Ninian’s Church of Scotland 

Beanfield Avenue



NN18 0AX

Tel. No: 07590 507917



Locum Minister: Rev. Mike Binks 

Interim Moderator:  Rev. Dr. P Mills                                                                     22nd  January 2021

An Open Letter from the Interim Moderator to the Members of St Ninian’s Corby


Dear Friends,


It’s a full year now since representatives of Presbytery met with the Kirk Sessions of both St Ninian’s and St Andrews to open the discussion regarding the future of the Church of Scotland in Corby.  As a result of that meeting Presbytery decided that the two Kirk Sessions should hold a series of ‘Conversations’ to explore how our churches might progress our mission to share the good news about Jesus with the people of Corby.  For various reasons the start of these ‘conversations’ were delayed but eventually took place with representatives from both congregations.  All options were fully discussed in the light of national church and local considerations and recommendations were presented to both Sessions for their deliberation.


The national shortage of ministers, dwindling finances, ageing congregations, the desire to hold on to the familiar all played a part but it was the vision of what might be, of a new church that can be greater than the sum of its two parts, that won through.  The recommendation is for our two churches to be United in a bold, new and exciting venture.  The Reverend Forbes Walker, Interim Moderator at St Andrews, wrote of the decision:


The discussions, always underpinned by prayer for guidance, discernment and Christian unity have been wonderful: kindly, imaginative, bold, and full of vision and good will.


I am happy to tell you that both Kirk Sessions are unanimous in their decision that they believe the Church of Scotland in Corby is best placed to be a vibrant worshipping community, engaged in mission and service to the whole Community as a single united congregation. The prospect of a newly united congregation in 2021, invigorated by the talents and vision of both St Andrew’s and St Ninian’s people (and hopefully a load of brand new people too) is one that certainly excites me.”


This decision, in principle, will be conveyed to Presbytery at it’s meeting on 9 February 2021 asking them to set up a committee to work with the two Sessions to agree a ‘Basis of Union’.  Such a ‘Basis of Union’ will be subject to agreement by both Kirk Sessions and by both congregations and you will therefore need to be kept informed so that you can exercise your vote when the time comes.  In the meantime please engage with your district elder.


The Kirk Session has not taken this decision lightly but I believe it is the right decision and will give both churches a much needed opportunity to combine our talents and resources as we reengage in our shared mission for Corby.


Peter Mills -   Interim Moderator

Registered Charity SC043757