Prayers for the Season

Mission Theology Advisory Group (MTAG) has added to its Blessing Every Day resources, creating something fairly simple that can be offered to parishioners and neighbours during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Prayer during the Coronavirus epidemic

(Based on Psalm 91.1-6)

God of love and compassion,

we live in the shelter of your love,

we settle in your beautiful shadow.

We trust that the earth and all that is in it,

is always in your loving embrace.

You deliver us from the traps of our own making;

you sustain us in times of dreadful disease.

You cover us with your great and mighty wings;

you defend us when we are weak and afraid.

In faith, we will put aside our fear;

we will look out for others in daytime and darkness.

We will not give in to hopelessness or despair;

even if we fall ill, your love will support us.


A Prayer for God’s blessing

Loving God, bless and receive all who are affected by Coronavirus:


Those who are sick and afraid

Those who are especially vulnerable

Those for whom home is not safe or available

Those who have lost their livelihoods

Those who have lost their lives.

Bless all people caring for the sick

Give them strength, wisdom, endurance

Grant them healing hands

Surround them with your love.

Spare us in the time of trial

Deliver us from evil.


A Prayer and Blessing during the Coronavirus epidemic (PDF)
A Prayer and Blessing during the Coronavirus epidemic (Docx)