The Bible Course

continues Tuesday on Zoom. 

An eight week introduction to the Bible and Jesus.

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Sunday Worship.                         Elder Led Services

                                St Ninian's 21st August 09:45 (Song of Praise)

                                (Service in St Andrew's 11.00)

Only services at St Ninian's are streamed.

 Click for the online Service

St Ninian’s a Church Corby

Order of Service – Proper 16

21st August 2022

Intimations on Screen 

Call to Worship  Psalm 47 verses 1-2:5-7

1st Hymn      

                        CH4 580 “Abide with Me”

Prayers  of Thanksgiving

The Lords Prayer


2nd Hymn

                        CH4 485 “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind”


First Reading  Psalm 95: verses 1-7                                


3rd Hymn

                        CH4 154 “How Great Thou Art”


Offering (Praise God from whom all blessings flow) 


4th Hymn

                        CH4 251 “I the Lord of Sea and Sky”


Prayer for Others


5th Hymn

                        CH4 189 “Be Still”

Second Reading  Psalm 145: verses 1-6

6th Hymn

                        “In Christ Alone”  not in CH4



Sung Three fold Amen