5th December

Second Sunday in Advent 

Worship led by Elaine.

Advent 2

In view of the Omega variant we are renewing our request that folks wear face coverings when gathering and when dispersing. Please continue to exercise caution when considering physical distancing and respect the signs that ask one to only occupy alternate rows of pews.

We will still be able to share the service, at St Ninian's, with those who are unable to attend in person via our YouTube channel. Sorry but we were unable to stream from St Andrew's last week. 

The service in St Ninian's starts at 09:45, and the service in St Andrew's at 11:00.

Not one stone

On Sunday 5th December our Morning Service will be led by Elaine.

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Order of Service for 5th December – Second Sunday in Advent


Luke 1 76-79

Malachi 3 1-4

Luke 3 1-6


CH4 279 Make way, Make way

CH4 284 Hope is a candle

CH4 469 Restore O Lord

CH4 334 On Jordan's banks

CH4 543 Longing for Light

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 When we celebrate Communion

Dates for Communion are in the months of March, June and September.

St Ninian's the second Sunday and St Andrew's the third Sunday of the month.

We also celebrate Communion just before Advent (dates to be arranged) and on Maundy Thursday.

Baptisms and Blessing of children rites are included in Sunday morning services.