Psalm 109 :103Worship Together

Morning Prayers – every day at 09:00 for about 15mins.

We convene our morning prayers using a tool called 'Zoom'. 

These codes can also be used for our Sunday Morning Service.

If you don't have access to internet you can dial into the meeting using the numbers at the bottom of this invite. When the call is answered you will be asked to enter the ‘Meeting ID’ followed by the # sign. You will then be asked for the password, finish by pressing # again. The numbers are London numbers and charged at the standard rate. If you have a ‘calling plan’ then these numbers will be included in the plan.

If you ring into the meeting you will be able to hear what is going on and to speak to other participants but not see shared screens, chats etc.
Join Zoom Prayer Meeting

Click here to join the Prayers or Sunday Service

Meeting ID861 2628 4527
Password:  150 610

On a mobile phone entering 

Dial by your landline or mobile.
Once you dial the number there will be a pause and then an invitation to enter the 'Meeting Id'. Key in the Meeting Id followed by #. There will be another pause and you will be asked for a password.

        0203 481 5237 
        0203 481 5240 
        0208 080 6591
        0208 080 6592 

If you have any problems getting on or want to practice beforehand let Rev'd Mike know.


Tuesday Evening Spiritual Studies

To join the Bible Study on Tuesday Evening at 19:00 click on the link below...

Tuesday Evening Online Course 

We are looking at Tom Wright's teaching on 'Paul's letter to the Ephesians .

Don't wait just drop in. Each session will have something for you.

The sessions run on Zoom. If you click on the link the Zoom app should install automatically.

If you have any problems with the technology give Rev'd Mike a ring.